Taiwanease is always interested in hearing from new writers. If you have good written style and can write short articles about topics of interest to other English speakers in Taiwan, we'd like to talk to you.

What kind of writers are we looking for?

Writers come in all ages and types and backgrounds. Some make their living as writers; others are lawyers or Buxiban teachers or small business owners.

More important than journalism experience is knowing a subject very well and being able to write clearly and confidently about it.

What kind of articles are we looking for?

We are very open-minded-as long as the article idea is interesting and relates to Taiwan.

If you have not written for Taiwanease before, send your article ideas via e-mail to team@taiwanease.com. Tell us who you are and what kind of article you'd like to write. If your article is already written, e-mail to us at team@taiwanease.com. Give us at least 2 weeks to respond to a query or submission.

We don't like puff pieces or what are known as "isn't it interesting" pieces. There should be an idea behind the story. We don't run articles on people, places, or businesses just because they are there.

In general, we try to help our readers understand Taiwan better, to help our readers live better, and to make Taiwan a better place to live.

Have a look through the site to get a feel for what has been written and download our printable .pdf's to get a feel of how we look in print.

What makes a good taiwanease article?

A magazine article is different from a newspaper story. Newspaper stories start with the most important facts, are written in short paragraphs with a lot of transitions, and usually can be cut from the bottom up. A magazine article usually is divided into sections that are like 200-word chapters of a novella.

The introductory section captures the reader's interest and sets the tone for the article. Scenes or anecdotes often are used to draw the reader into the subject matter.

The next section might foreshadow what the article is about without trying to summarize it; you want to make the reader curious. Each succeeding section develops the subject. Evaluations or conclusions usually come in the closing section.

We think there are 3 qualities to a good magazine article: Most basic is thorough research and reporting. Then a writing style that is appropriate to the material. But what separates the very good from the adequate is the writer's ability to bring the material together and give it meaning.

Newspaper reporters ask who, what, when, where, why? The most important question a magazine writer asks is, "What does it mean?" Also remember that a magazine writer is usually more subjective than a newspaper reporter. In many good magazine articles, the writer's passion for the subject shines through.

Taiwanease magazine is published twice a month, so we require a minimum 6-week lead time. Keep in mind that our articles should have a long-term perspective that makes them as relevant several months from now as they are today.

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